Lime Green discussion in Austin

We’ve created a church culture where fear of moral failure trumps men and women serving as the Blessed Alliance. Does the Scripture support our danger/romance narrative? Is there another option? It’s time we go back to Scripture to find out.


George W. Truett Theological Seminary – Dean Still


Dean Still is a new testament scholar who gave me an hour of his time to discuss women and men in the Church. I was pleasantly surprised to find this Baptist seminary leader is an advocate for the Blessed Alliance.  Just a reminder that there’s a movement of the Spirit happening in all corners of God’s globe.

A detour from work. We stop at the Waco Mammoth National museum


Podcast with Vintage Faith – Grand Rapids

Back to work. We pull the car off the highway to do a Skype interview with Jeremy of Vintage Faith. Even though my vocation is centers around speaking I have found podcast interviews challenging. Trying to be at ease and learning how to speak in sound bites has been hard.

We get back on highway 35 towards Dallas. I make several calls to women ministers who need an ear to help them process.

Finally home. Fish tacos for dinner. Tired but extremely grateful for the days work God has given me to do.