August 16th I spoke at a church founded by my great-great grandfather, Rev. James Frazier. IMG_1926It’s been 150 years since another ordained Rev. “Frazier” (my maiden name) spoke in the pulpit. I’m still processing the profundity of it. One of the truths I’ve taken from the Book of Ruth is God uses things in our lives that will impact generations to come – and we die not even knowing it. Ruth gave birth to son. She died thinking that little one was God’s way of restoring her (and Naomi’s) life. She never knew the descendent of that little one would save the world.


She never knew.

She had a limited view.

As I stepped into my great-great grandfather shoes I wondered, “Had he ever prayed for his descendants?” Surely he prayed for his grandchildren but did he pray beyond that? What about his great-great grandchildren? Did he pray for me? That I would be a child of faith?

150 years later I stepped into his pulpit and heralded the life-giving words of Scripture.

It reminded me that I live so in the now. Maybe I think about the future but usually it’s the near future. Rarely do I contemplate that God may be weaving something from my life to impact others generations from now.  I have a limited view.

We just don’t think 150 years do we? That God is weaving now for later. Way later. Imagine if we did. We would have such hope. Imagine the sense of purpose. Our lives matter. God is at work. Even when or if we can’t see it. Other’s benefit. Not just in the here and now. Not just in the near future. But 150 years from now.

Ruth held that baby. I stood in the pulpit.

It’s mind-blowing. Actually, it gives me hope.


Rev. Jackie praying with my nieces and nephews!