This weekend The Marcella Project hosted the Marcella Summit in the hill country (Austin area). Our goal was to have men and women come engage in candid conversation about the Blessed Alliance. What Jesus did there was beyond my expectations. (Imagine that!) I’ll be blogging about the event this week but for now wanted to capture it with the first picture of the day and the last prayer of the weekend.


Nine little puppies at the conference center. They were whimpering for someone to hold them. So I scooped one up and carried him around during our last walk through before the Summit began. Just what I needed to calm my nerves. And no, I didn’t bring one home, Steve wouldn’t have it. 🙁

Our last meal together was outside at a long table. I’m all about the table. We need more work done on what it means to share a meal together – but, I digress. I spoke on Ephesians 2:14 – 3: 18 then we celebrated our oneness in Christ through communion. The closing prayer challenged us to go to our knees and wait for Jesus to do the impossible.

“Now may the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God the Father be with you; and may the Holy Spirit come upon you and disturb you and trouble you, and set before you an impossible task and dare you to do it; until in your desperation you fall on your knees and remain there until he fills you with his power which alone will enable you to do it; and then … but only then, may the Lord grant you his peace. Amen.”