One of the things I enjoy most about Peter’s heart is his humility. A well respected heart doctor usually has people answering to him, learning from him but Peter is very open about his theological journey and challenging his views about women. I use the word challenging because if you spend any time with Peter “I am learning” is what comes out of his mouth the most. He is always open to figuring out what Jesus really meant in the Scriptures. Him and Linda have been on a journey together – figuring out how to search the Scriptures and come to a consensus (when they have differing views). How do we navigate differences with those whom we don’t agree? What happens when a father, sister, wife or husband disagrees with you? That’s part of what Peter and Linda will be sharing with us at the Summit.
imgres-1The idea behind the Marcella Summit is simple, men and women coming together to learn, to discuss, to share, to be challenged, to challenge, to disagree and to listen. Our great desire for this annual event is create an environment where MEN and women, TOGETHER, work through the reality of Genesis 1:27 seeking informed answers together.

I wondered if men would come but am most encouraged to see them signing up every week. One of the men who will be here seeking and searching and discussing is Dr. Peter Wells. Today we get a little peek behind the man into his heart and journey…


Dr. Pete Wells’ Thoughts


When I first met Linda I knew I had found a partner…

… We each grew up Presbyterian, but met at a Bible Church we attended in Dallas. We had both been taught by pastors that although men and women were equal, their roles were different: God had called men to lead and women to submit. This should have bothered me, separate but equal, but I just took their word for it; after all, it seemed pretty clear that the roles of elder and pastor were reserved for men?

Then about 9 years ago, one of our elders gave Linda a pre-publication manuscript of a book that questioned this assumption, written by a husband and wife with ties to Dallas seminary. Linda, being a natural-born leader and learner was enthusiastic about reading and studying more, and she read book after book. She would share with me what she was learning, and my response, sadly, was something to the tune of- that’s cool she has this as a hobby. I have fly fishing- she has this women’s issue thing.

When we discussed it, she suggested that I look into it myself, not just accept what I had been told at church. She told me she was going to a conference in Houston to learn more about this, and I immediately scheduled a fly-fishing trip. When some women who were going to go with her cancelled, she asked me if I wanted to go. I knew the right answer was yes, but I wanted to go fishing. In the process of wrestling with God over this decision, I reminded God that she had her hobby and I had mine. His non-audible response was “REALLY?” Not shaming, but probing. I cancelled my fishing trip.

imgresJoin us May 1-3, 2015 at the Marcella Summit. And bring a friend along for the discussions.