“How are you surviving being married to an Alpha girl?”

Recently I caught up with my wife in Michigan where she was training preachers and preaching. She has had an intense run of it here to start the New Year and I like to catch up, when I can, to carry her bags, fetch water or whatever she may need. Our kids would say I’m there to make sure she finds her way home, as Jackie is known to pour herself out to thBasics GRe point of delirium.

Hint, don’t ride in the car with her after a long intense weekend of ministry…. you will find yourself quietly humming Nearer My God To Thee!

So I’m sitting in the seats of this wonderful little church when this man taps my shoulder and asks me “how I am surviving being married to an Alpha girl?

I hesitated for a minute; I have never thought of Jackie with that label, to me she is a passionate gifted woman with extraordinary gifts. Then I responded that we are thriving quite well thank you, as we are both what the world might call “Alpha types” and we enjoy bouncing off of each other. But I cautioned, when it’s good it’s very good, when its bad…well then I would step back a ways.

After a chuckle and a pause he responded that he had never heard of two “alpha” types being married; it had never occurred to him that Jackie could be intentional and intense without me being somehow, well – meek and mild.

Why do people always assume that? steve