Jon Huckins’ post, Raising Girls In A World Where They Are Less Than Human, is worth reposting.

In hopes of inspiring you to read the article here’s a snippet (it’s his prayed he prayed over his daughter).


I rested my hands on her sweet little head and prayed this blessing over her life:

Rosie you are so full of life, wonder and innocence. I bless you to live fully into the unique woman God has created you to be. I bless you to be one who is not only empowered, but one who empowers. I bless you with the gift of walking with a community that daily stumbles toward Jesus and participates with him in healing a broken world.

In a world where women are often demeaned, discredited, abused, oppressed, and treated as less that human, I bless you with the courage to be one who reassigns dignity to those who have lost it. I bless you to be a voice for the voiceless. I bless you to have an eye for injustice and move boldly toward it with the practices that make for peace.

Rosie, my sweet daughter, I pray that you will lead the way in teaching me, us and the whole world what it means to live into who you were created to be while giving yourself to the flourishing of others.

What would happen if father’s around the globe viewed their daughter’s with this lens? No – seriously, what would change?