This Wednesday I’m going someplace I have no right being. Whenever I find myself in places (or with people) I have no right being, I know it’s a God thing. More specifically, it’s a date with Jesus thing. I know it’s his way of asking that I mark my calendar for date with him: “Jackie we’re going to meet on June 18th -21st in Washington D.C. at The Summit.” The Summit is a gathering of three hundred international leaders committed to conversation and collaboration on how to bring world change through faith and justice. Invite-only. Like I said, I’m in a place I have no right being. And I’m not being humble, just honest. These folks have credentials, books, and experience that makes me look like a little child.


During The Summit we’ll be committed to discussing big questions while also making practical applications to a variety of justice issues. Based in the historic commitments of Sojourners and through dozens of one-on-one interviews with a variety of leaders we’ll be including a focus on, but not limited to the intersections of: Conference Themes

THP-mpM-JackieRoese_05192014_1_9508-EditThe exciting thing about being green behind the ears is you’re a sponge. I’m just stoked to hear from Jesus. I know how this works – I sit and listen to these men and women, and Jesus will lean in and whisper what he wants me to know, hear, see, think, and do. For four days I get to hear the lover of my soul share what he’s excited about and what he’s grieving over.

I plan on spending time with Jesus during the discussions on:

-The Stained Glass Ceiling: Women’s Leadership in the Church
-Pulpits and Perpetrators: The Church and Domestic Violence
-Preaching Workshop with Tony Campolo
-Subconscious Subjugation: Theology, Ethics, and Implicit Bias

We’ll spend time in class, then at dinner over wine and food. I love these times because I walk away assured, reminded and resolved. I love dates with Jesus. I think I’ll get gussied up for Wednesday, after all – I’ve been invited on a date with the King!