Lately I’ve been in places I had no business being. Places like: The National Prayer Breakfast, 2014 United Nations Commission on Women, One Hundred Shares Dallas luncheon, and Alliance for Greater Works luncheon – just to name a few. I had no business being there, because I’m not qualified, but also because I’m not doing what they are doing.All of these organizations work tirelessly to bring practical help to those in need. It’s beautiful to observe. Justice. Love. Mercy. Grace. Generosity. Dignity. Presence. It’s really, well, Christlike. And I’ve been watching it first hand.
But I’ve also – well, how do I say this? People act on what they believe. Therefore, as we administer all kinds of practical help, I’m wondering how we are doing at digging away the underpinnings (beliefs) that allowed these situations to occur in the first place. How can we deconstruct the belief systems that allow injustice and reconstruct beliefs based on Jesus’ teachings, which always set people free?
Being in all of these places I have had no business being has given me great resolve. I’m giving the last half of my life to improving the view of women through Scripture, because I believe that when we improve the view of women, it will improve the Church’s view of women, which is God’s intended vehicle to improve the world’s view of women. Improving our view of women is how I intend to link arms with these amazing organizations who tirelessly give to those in need.

2014 United Nations Commission on Women
In March I was invited to participate in the 58th UN Commission on Women in NYC, “the principal global policy-making body dedicated exclusively to gender equality and advancement of women.”
171When 8,000 women from every country in the world gather, what they have to share is deeply challenging. Perhaps the most impactful for me was this: In 1979 a UN Convention was organized to give women rights, HUMAN RIGHTS, that should have been granted to them under the UN Human Rights Mandate. It appears that some countries did not assume women qualified as human. Women are humans – Genesis 1:27
(Memorial at the UN in honor of the victims
of slavery & the transatlantic slave trade.)



1 out of 3 women in the US are impacted by domestic violence in their lifetime.

I had the opportunity to speak to the Genesis Alliance about how to start conversations about domestic violence in their churches.

Question asked: How can a woman share what’s happening at home when everyone in their church regards the husband as a godly man? (In other words, “Who’s going to believe me?”) 


Spring Creek Community Church at Pine Cove 
One hundred women gathered to learn how to move from aloneness to known-ness.
174An elderly woman experienced freedom when she learned she’s not only a sinner but also an image bearer!  I have always heard I was a sinner, but never that I was an image bearer.”  I love it when truth sets a woman free.
It wasn’t shortly after that conversation that I was approached by an elderly woman.
Her question: “Is it okay to have sex with my boyfriend.” My answer? “Have you asked Jesus?”“Yes.” “Well, what did he say?” “No.” “Well, then why are you asking me to go against Jesus!”She chuckled and gave me a big hug. I love pointing women back to Jesus.
I’m more and more resolved: it’s time we improve our view of women!