Sometimes God exposes me to so many things all at once that I feel like my head is going to explode. Ever happen to you?

Yesterday  lunch –

images-2I sat at a 4Word luncheon and listened to Dianne Paddison share statistics like:

71 % of women with children under 18 are working outside the home.

27% of professional women are leaving church, feeling underutilized and isolated.

It made me wonder how I’ve been doing in communicating Jesus’ teachings to these women.

Last night’s dinner –

I sat with a straight woman and two openly gay men. I think the guys felt like they had caught the mother load. An evangelical preacher woman sitting across from them sharing a bottle of wine and eating Greek food. They asked me questions like:

What do you think about hell?
How do you know for sure Jesus is the way?

And they shared some experiences they had with evangelical Christians. It wasn’t pretty. I left grateful for their gracious reception. I appreciated their sincere questions. I went home with my own. Once again my head was racing over what the Scripture says or doesn’t say – the implications … My heart aches and my mind hurts.

images-1This morning –

I spoke with a woman in D.C. who is addressing the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court case on contraception. Politics is beyond me but as I listened I realized evangelical women need to have a voice in issues such as this. 

Tomorrow’s lunch –

I speak at the Genesis Women’s Shelter. The title of my talk – “Eradicating the Holy Hush.” It’s about equipping women to have conversations in their own churches about the issue of domestic violence.

Did you know: 1 in 4 women in the US will be impacted by domestic violence in her lifetime?

When I hear statistics like that I try to close my eyes to see the ones I’ve preached to over the years. I imagine the 3000 attendees sitting in the pews on a typical Sunday morning. Then I see 1 out of 4 women slowly stand up. I scan the crowd again – there’s too many standing.


An effective preacher knows two things – the Word and the world, specifically the world of those who sit in the pews of their church on Sunday morning. And I’m wondering how I did. How did I bring Jesus’ teachings to this specific audience standing? The 1 in 4.

I’m not sure I did very well. My heart aches and my mind hurts. 

Sometimes God exposes too much. It makes my head explode.

Jesus do something!