May 16, 2012 Salon “Body Image; Theology of the Body”

This week we discussed together our thoughts and learned thoughts about body image and our theology of the body. We shared what the church or Christianity communicates to us about our bodies. Overwhelmingly we all agreed it was mostly about sex or sexuality; that’s the main message we get, be modest, cover up, don’t make your brothers fall and don’t have sex before marriage.

One of the quandaries women shared was how the church taught women not to be so concerned with outward adornments but rather what’s inside. And yet, on Sunday morning, women would be dressed to the nines. It was confusing to say the least. I stated that thinking came from of 1 Peter. It’s a wrong understanding or at least a partial understanding but it’s where it comes from none the least.

Wednesday night we went on to discus the fact that God did not give us a body only for sex.

It’s part of it but not all. We know this partly because in the new heavens and new earth we are gendered male and female yet not married which has implications about our sexual activity. And no, we won’t be having sex with everyone as one pastor suggested. To figure out what the body means we have to ask further questions like, “How does the body image the Triune God? Why did God give us bodies in the Garden narrative and then resurrected bodies in the end.

These questions and more will lead us to discover there’s more about the body then we’ve been told.

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