I’ve been reading through Deuteronomy & noticed chapter 26 is about we, me and them. Read it- see for yourself. Underline when it talks about we, (meaning you and me –us- in community) circle the me (meaning you and me as individuals) then put a square around them (meaning the we’s & me’s responsibility to the them – the marginalized among and beyond the we’s & me’s).

As I read Deuteronomy 26 I was struck by the sequence, we –me- them. The sequence isn’t by chance. It’s on purpose. Relevant.

So what do you make of the sequence of we, me & them?

As I pondered this Old Testament passage I wondered what’s that got to do with the New Testament? I thought to what Jesus said in his prayer. “OUR father.” (Not mine or yours –our; meaning family) He’s talking about the we that includes the me but it’s we first; and it also encompasses the them.

Give US today OUR daily bread, Forgive US OUR trespasses as WE forgive those who trespass against US…etc. When’s the last time we’ve talked about the Lord’s Prayer as a “we” rather than a “me” prayer? I’ve always wondered what would result if we, the church, communally asked for forgiveness for what we as a community have done or left undone?

So why am I pondering on this stuff? Well, cause it’s where the Spirit stopped me while reading the Scriptures. He didn’t want me to blow past it. He wanted me to stop, think, consider, reflect, ask questions and ultimately align myself with what God is saying. It’s not surprising he stopped on a chapter with the sequence we, me & them, it is something I’ve been thinking about for several years.

Maybe you can help me process. First I want to know what you think it means to be the “we” specifically “we” as in the body of Christ? The Church. The Ecclesia. The Gathering.  What does it mean to be a part of biblical family –community? What do you think God says it means?

And do you? I mean do you actually live in biblical community? If so what does that look like for you?

PS. That’s just some questions on “we” we still need to cover the me and them.  More thoughts to come.