My kids say I’m not a very good driver. It’s kind of true. Sometimes I have to pull over because I get confused as to where I am or where I’m going. And I’ve been known to pull out of the gas station with the gas hose still in the gas tank.

In a way my kids are right.

So you will understand my fear and trepidation when Saturday I ended up behind the wheel of a Boxster Porsche. I’ve never driven a Porsche. It’s powerful. It tugs at you like it wants you to go fast – faster – faster. As I drove it I realized there are times in life when we brush up against power and become aware of our fragility. It happens when riding a horse or standing by the ocean or climbing a mountain – or when driving a Porsche. Being in the presence of power can make us aware of our fragility.


– adj

1. able to be broken easily

2. in a weakened physical state

There are times when I am keenly aware of God’s power. And it’s then that I tend to worship him more. Because I suddenly realize I’m fragile, easily broken, weak – He could speak and I would be undone, implode, over.

Unfortunately, I confess, I spend the majority of my time unaware of his power and therefore my frailty. Instead I mostly live under the illusion that I am in control – capable – important.

Every once in a while we need to brush up against power whether that be driving a fast car, riding a strong horse, standing at the beach or climbing a mountain – power reminds us we are fragile.

That we aint all that.

God is.