I love aging. There’s freedom in it. I tell women that all the time. I don’t think they believe me. I’ve always been very upfront and blunt. I put forth my life. Most of it. It can make other Christians uncomfortable. Mostly because we don’t like it when someone takes off the mask and exposes the real us. I’ve noticed people receive my bluntness better now that I’m older. And I find I care less and less if I offend as I age. I can’t wait to see what happens when I’m 70. But that’s not all because I also find I fight less with those I love. You tire of trying to change things…others and get more excepting of imperfections. Perhaps because you realize you’re imperfections aren’t going away either. And marriage is sweet in it’s older stage. People say young love is beautiful, I’m finding old love is more so.

And now I look at my body and think, “not bad for almost 50.” I sag. But I’m suppose to sag. No more pressure to keep up the youthful, sexy body image. Freedom. And my eyes can’t see as well. That means less house cleaning because I can’t see the cobwebs anymore. Freedom.


There’s freedom with age. So here’s a cheer for us older women. Let’s go buy some bathing suits 🙂