Last night The Marcella Project hosted the gender justice film festival. Sixty plus men and women viewed the award winning documentaries Ru & The Pink Room.

Both films deal with gender justice issues facing girls around the globe. Ru exposed us to the effect clean water for girls in South Sudan while The Pink Room painfully showed young girls being rescued from trafficking in Cambodia.

Even though I’ve seen both films several times they still invoke shock and indignation. I believe we need to see, discuss and act on these issues because they offend our Creator and violate what it means to be appropriately human. Two images stuck. The little girl riding her bike around the courtyard of the rescue house. Trafficked at 4. As she rode her I bike I had visions of my daughter, Madison, learning to ride her red bike on our safe suburban street. And the men who fought to get girls out of the brothels. Furious. Warriors. Real men. I watched these men and thought, “My boys would do the same if they were there.”

Men- we need you in this. We need each other. That’s how hope will come. When the blessed alliance joins hands and fights for God’s justice.

What are you’re reactions? How are you processing these two Gender Justice films presented last night? Thoughts?

What are some action steps we can take?

For those organizations represented last night. Give us some ways to get involved. What are some actions we can take?