Read this in a blog. Would love to hear from those of you who attended one of our two salons on homosexuality. (Or anyone else who wants to pipe in.)

In regards to a bisexual woman who was inquiring about attending Brad’s church and what they thought of her lifestyle, he replied:  “I’m not going to quote Bible references at you.  No doubt, you’ve heard them already.  I’m going to use you as my reference point.  If you feel that your bisexuality is sin and bondage and if you think you need to walk through repentance and deliverance, I’m willing to walk with you. If you feel that it’s a type of brokenness, a symptom of past abuse that needs inner healing, I’m willing to walk with you.  And if you feel that God made you this way and you just need to know he loves you and that we won’t reject you, I’m happy to walk with you.  My job is not to be your judge.  My job is to help you hear God’s voice and to feel His love.”


P.S. Brad is a Pastor.