This past week I had work in Austin. I decided to stay on a few days to hang with my boys Hunter and Hampton. One evening I found myself sitting in Hampton’s living room with several other college guys. They were watching football, drinking a few beers and babbling “boy talk.” Quietly, I sat on the little blue rocker. It’s awkward to join your college age son’s and their friends in their homes. It’s a new adjustment.

Mother’s of kids at college be encouraged. Among all the figuring out who they are they are still talking about faith (even though they don’t want us to know it).
Mother’s of kids at college be encouraged. Among all the figuring out who they are they are still talking about faith (even though they don’t want us to know it).



What I found fascinating was how quickly the conversation went from “boy babble” to serious life issues and questions.

It started when one guy asked me why girls don’t engage in serious discussions about subjects like philosophy, science and religion. I responded that perhaps it’s because they rarely heard their mother’s dialogue about such things. And then there’s the case that girls tend to “dumby down” when around boys, particularly a boy they like. Somehow it moved from there to science and religion. One guy stated he thought religion was a manmade concept created to keep humans from destroying each other. He cited the Ten Commandments as being one of those manmade societal controls.

That’s when I piped in. Really? Then what do you do about the fact that the Commandments came after the Exodus? Meaning prior to the Exodus Jacob’s family went down into Egypt as a small community (approximately 70 people) that grew into a society of over a million. They lived as a large society prior to the Ten Commandments. Without the “controls” they flourished into a million.

Then I proceeded to ask what if the Commandment’s weren’t about control so much as showing God? What if they communicate who God is and how he longs for his people to live well? For example, when God said, “do not commit adultery”… what if he was saying something like, “Hey it would do your relationship well if you didn’t have sex with his wife…or steal his chicken etc.” God showed who he was and how we are to live well through the Commandments. That’s different than simply keeping us from destroying one another.

But what stole my breath…again…was their response when I brought up the name of Jesus. It was obvious these guys weren’t pro organized religion but they weren’t anti Jesus either. I know because they got quiet, almost somber, when I asked, “Well, what about Jesus? Take away the church, religion, even those who profess to be Christians, what do you think about Jesus?” No rebuttals or rebuffing. Somehow, his name, who he is, quiets the critics. I walked away from that conversation stimulated. These guys were good thinkers, they expected more than some canned answer to life, they were investigative. And I was hopeful. They weren’t religious yet there they were in a deep dialogue about faith. I love that my Jesus can speak to all of mankind… even these young guys watching football, drinking beer while living the college life.

“Yet God has made everything beautiful for its