Below is an excerpt about the prostitution ring in Maine taken from in The New York Times. Would love your take on Jim Pickett’s statement in the bold.

Chet Galeucia, who lives in Saco, said he agreed with his wife that the names should be published. “If I committed a crime, they would publish my name and address,” he said.

But Jim Pickett, who lives in Portland, disagreed. “You don’t want to hurt the families,” he said. Asked whether the husband had not already hurt the family, he said: “But the family doesn’t know about it. It’s not the worst crime. It’s not like stealing.”

Besides, he said, going to a prostitute is “natural.” Who is the victim? he asked. “Certainly not the woman. She’s inviting it. She made $150,000 in 18 months.”

The real problem, Mr. Galeucia said, is that this took place in a town like Kennebunk. “You think these nice little towns are pure as the driven snow,” he said, and they all shook their heads.

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How would you respond to Jim Pickett’s statement in the bold?