An informative article for those who want a clearer understanding of who believes what about men and women’s roles. The author gives a spectrum between the two “all complementarian” or “all egalitarian” camps. Which is helpful for those who don’t fully agree with either side.

On a personal side note: I am not big on giving myself a particular label or associating with any particular “camp” fully. Obviously, my theology lines up with some and not others but I struggle with labels because I don’t find them in the Scriptures. I prefer to remind myself and others (when they put my in one camp or the other) that I am not a _________(which ever camp they have placed me in) but rather a “Christ follower” doing the very best I can to obey my Lord. I prefer that label… Christ follower. It’s in the Bible.  With all that ranting being said, this is a helpful article for those of us who find ourselves in the debate of the role of men and women.

Gender Roles – A Complementarian and Egalitarian Spectrum