Last night we met with a group of Hispanic women to discuss how The Marcella Project can assist the Hispanic community. I love these women. They are passionate, fun, honest and love Jesus. One of things we wanted to know was what kinds of spiritual conversations would be beneficial to women in the Hispanic community. See…over the past year we have had salon gatherings where women discuss spiritual topics pertinent to their lives. Things like:

-The role of men and women in the church

-The role of men and women in the home

-Unleashing our dreams

-Female Sexuality

-Body Image

-Female Friendships

We wanted to know if any of these topics resinated with their community or were there other more pressing issues needed to be discussed. Here’s the list they came up with (so far…)

Depression & Mental Disorders

Catholic and Christian?

Politics & Christ

Nationalism vs Citizen of Heaven

Being Okay with Self (not trying to conform)

Men Spiritually Unengaged

Parenting for Christ vs Conforming to Culture

What was fascinating to me was all of the topics apply to women outside the Hispanic community too. I don’t know why I was surprised. I’ve traveled all over the world and have seen women struggle with some of the same issues, relationships, self, mothering, work, sin, oppression, lack of confidence in womanhood, etc. Fundamentally we are sisters because we are females. Recently I read a blog where a woman declared mothers are part of a club singles can’t join. UGH. But what struck me was she based our fundamental unity on mothering whereas I believe it’s on our femaleness. Being with these women last night confirmed that for me. Looking forward to seeing what salons come forth from this meeting and how women’s lives are formed and transformed by the conversation. Thankful for you women, Heidy, Ana, Elena, Ericka, Lauren. Your voices count. Blessings upon you.