We asked some women the question, “What did the church communicate to you about sex?” Check out their answers.

It is dirty to

Men its ok, women its not.

no sex until married

Good girls aren’t sexual.

Don’t talk about it.

Wait then you should enjoy it don’t do it…at ALL!!

It has consequences.

It’s a woman’s duty



women are less sexual than men it’s just gone.

sex in marriage is wonderful

Sex is bad.

You are dirty and slutty if u even think about it.

Sex without the intent of procreation is wrong.

Wait Stay away from sex.


Sex is equated with worldliness

Just keep studying the Bible and the urges will go away.

feelings are sinful and your husband…no one else.

that if you think or desire sex there is something wrong with you.

that you are not sexual

if I had premarital sex until you are married then I would go to hell

How would you respond? 

Perhaps we need a new way of talking about our sexuality. Tonight.. my house…The Marcella salon…a discussion around wine, food and friends on female sexuality.