How happy I was to meet some of your children and find them living according to the truth…” (NLT 2 John:4)

I wanted my kids to go to Christian school. I prayed. God said no. I wanted my kids in Christian school because I was afraid I would mess them up. I wanted a “safety net.” God said, “If you want your kids to know Jesus you are going to have to walk the walk.”

Spiritual formation. We desperately want it for our kids.

As I’ve mentioned, I’m reading through Ecclesiastes, a book about the meaninglessness of life. Solomon said it’s all meaningless with some exceptions…to “eat, drink and find satisfaction in your work.”

Eat. Drink.

What did he mean by that? I’m still exploring it, it’s more than what I’m writing here, but part of it is about being with people around the table. Socializing, sharing, learning, laughing, listening.

I get why Solomon says this has meaning, that it is good.

We spend a lot of time around our table. Last night Betsy, Amy, Crystal, Steve, Stu, and Madison gathered around our table.


Crystal is visiting from L.A. She’s the Executive Director of My Refuge House. She’s only been in L.A. for two months, previously she lived in the Philippines working with young teenagers who had been trafficked.



Last night, there at my dinner table, spiritual formation was taking place.

Betsy shared about a meeting that’s reshaping her thinking. Amy talked about healing that took place at her clinic. Crystal shared some of her life story.

Madison asked questions of Crystal. Crystal asked questions of Madison. Madison shared some of the injustices she sees in the foster care system, Crystal encouraged her in her passion.

Crystal asked me about the painting hanging over a couch (a picture of a woman). I shared a story about my husband being an advocate for women, she turned to Madison and said, “You have no idea how rare your dad is.”

Madison suggested we listen to Stu’s new singles release, With You Here By My Side. We all applauded his accomplishment.

Just an average meal around our table.

Spiritual formation. It happens as we eat and drink. Solomon says “it is good.