I’ve been noodling on something Sara Groves shared at Laity Lodge. She said she’s been thinking about the difference between hope and expectation. Someone told her the difference is”expectations are simply premeditated bitterness.”

I suspect it wasn’t a theoretical question for Sara. I sensed it was a question that came out of pain. I get that…that’s why I’m pondering it too. It’s personal.


I can’t really share why it’s personal, but it is.
My response, “But it’s not right. The Scriptures call us to something more.”
His response, “But Jackie, it’s just the way it is. We never do this right.”



I want to have the hope of the Gospel, to live in its full restorative power, and yet I don’t want to be unrealistic, to set myself or others up for bitterness.

Hope…Expectations. Where’s the line?


A husband cheats

Financial world crashed

Recently I spoke with someone about being wounded.

Their answer, “This is the way it always happens.”

And somehow I was supposed to be okay with that.

It’s personal… For all of us…

How do we live in the tension of human brokenness and yet speak of the fullness of the Gospel? How do we speak truth without setting ourselves or others up for bitterness?