This past weekend I had the opportunity to speak at Laity Lodge along side Mark Roberts and worship by Sara Groves. Later I hope to blog on why I think this place is so sacred but for now let me share what a woman asked me.

We had a small gathering on Saturday night at 5:30 in the meeting hall. It was a time for people to ask Mark and I questions. It’s always a bit intimidating, you never know what one might ask.

The first woman to speak up was an elderly, tall, frail woman. She addressed her question to me. “Jackie, what do you think is the greatest danger to women in the next decade?”

At first I wasn’t sure if she was setting me up or something. You know how sometimes people like to trap the speaker or simply engage them in an argument. So I just wasn’t sure where this was going. I asked for clarification.

“Are you asking about women in America or women world wide?”

“Globally,” She responded.

I was still a bit taken back. I just would not have expected this kind of question to come from this woman. I saw her more as this elderly lady from small town west Texas who liked to play with her grandchildren and make apple pie. And here she was asking me a serious question about women in the world.

It goes to show don’t judge a book by its cover.



So…before I share my answer…what’s yours? How would you have responded to this woman?

What do you think is the greatest danger to women (globally) in the next decade?