As last night’s salon we had twenty women ranging in age from 20 to 80. We talked about God’s dreams for humanity and the dreams He’s placed in us to accomplish His Kingdom society dreams.

It was awesome. We started out by asking, “Why don’t we dream God’s dreams for our lives?”

Fear…Failure…Told not to…too many of life’s demands…weary.

One woman commented, “Because we’ve bought into the American dream instead of Jesus’ Dream” for humanity. Many of the women in the room shook their heads in agreement.

Okay so what did she mean by that?  She meant when we grow up we’re taught…”buy a house, save for retirement, get a pool, go on exotic vacations, climb the ladder.” The American Dream.

It’s not a bad or wrong dream. But what if in the pursuit of obtaining it we end up owned by it? This was what she meant. The American dream can drive us away from God’s dream especially if His dream for us is counterintuitive to the American dream.

So it makes me ask, “Who’s dreams are we living?”