Do you ever wake up and think, “I don’t want to go to work today?” That’s how I felt this past Friday. I was tired and was beginning the weekend long “Basics Course.”

But as always, I found my mind and soul rejuvenated as the weekend went along.

Once again I was reminded of the importance of training women, particularly in the area of teaching/preaching. Did you know women in the conservative evangelical world are the least likely to get trained in leadership in the church (including teaching God’s Word). Kind of weird considering how much we evangelicals love our Bible’s.

The women who come to The Basics Course…they want to grow…learn…become more proficient in studying and teaching God’s Word.

Many of them have been teaching for a while but have no formal (or informal) training.

But oh…their love for God, His Word, His women, it oozes out of them. And they come because they understand the rarity for lay women to get trained to teach. They give up their weekend, add to their already over scheduled lives, work diligently, pay and travel to get trained. Passionate about their pursuit. It’s rejuvenating.

And it’s good for my mind and soul to watch them work together…I can see the light bulbs going on…and the joy of being in a room full of women who love to teach God’s Word…they rarely get to be with other women who love what they love…so to sit in a room and study Luke 10 and Mark 1 together…it’s just rejuvenating.

I like my job. It’s good for my mind and soul.