I read an article in The Week Magazine that stated there has been a 71% increase in chinplants and a 50% increase in lip augmentations and cheek implants over the past year. Several plastic surgeons attributed the increase to technology such as FaceTime and Skype.

It seems our being able to see ourselves has caused an increased awareness of our imperfections.

It’s interesting to note that technology (photography) was partially responsible for the “unrealistic, unattainable, idealize woman”during the Industrial Revolution. And here we are now….faced with a technology that makes us face the real us and we don’t like it.

This Wednesday, May 16th, we will gather at a salon to discuss body image. We have provided a  document for the discussion….we believe an informed conversation is a better conversation.

In the document we asked several questions about our bodies like…

“What does the body communicate about God’s story?”

“And how does changing our bodies change the story?”

Does a woman with loose skin under her chin communicate anything about spiritual things? I’m not sure but I know, in light of what God thinks of the body, I’m obligated to ask.