…continuing our discussion on Peterson’s book, Liberating Tradition.

Peterson stated, Susan Brownmiller, in her book Femininity, observes that it is not only an idealized female form but a highly sensualized version of the female body that is used in the public square.  In other words, the normal function of various parts of a woman’s anatomy are hidden under the weight of their potential sexiness.  Take eyelashes for example; men and women have eyelashes for the good purpose of keeping harmful particles of dirt or small bugs out of their eyes.  For women, though, eyelashes have become a site of sex appeal.  They need to be long, thick, rich, full, dark and any number of other words cosmetic industry products.  Legs are another example.  Men and women have two legs for the primary purpose of personal locomotion.  For women, however, legs have become measures of sensual appeal; they need to be thin, shapely, shaven, tanned and smooth.  None of these attributes increase their usefulness in moving the body from here to there, but the attributes have become more important than the function.

How might narcissim, passivity, consumerism, self-hatred, eating disorders and violence against women be a direct result of our having a highly sensualized version of the female body?

What does God have to say about all of this?  Is this what he made our bodies for?  If not this, then what?  What are our bodies all about anyway?