If we were made to be in deep, intimate relationships then why aren’t we?

In Genesis 1 & 2 God said do this and don’t do this. Man and woman said, “No God, will do it our way. That’s sin, the propensity to say “NO GOD.” It started way back then and from that point on that propensity lives in each and every one of us. That’s sin. To say no to God. The theological definition is “missing the mark” (the standard).

This is what Romans 3:23 means when it says, “for everyone has sinned; we all fall short of God glorious standards.”

It means we miss the mark, fall short, the failure to perform the moral law of God. But when we only talk about sin this way I think we miss it, we keep it out here, distant…and we ignore or minimize what sin really is and what it really does. I’m going to argue what sin really is, what it really does, is rupture relationships. With God, self and each other and the world we live in. Sin ruptures relationships; whenever or wherever it’s present there’s implosion and explosions in relationships.

Sin ruptured relationships in Genesis 3, the Old Testament and the New Testament and it still does today.





So think about it. How has sin ruptured your female relationships?