Those of us engaged in the conversation about the role of men and women listened to the following teaching by Laurie McIntyre. (Laurie is the Women’s Pastor at Elmbrook Church in Wisconsin.)

At the Salon Event a woman responded to Laurie’s teaching on Colossians 3: 18-4:1.

“While Paul was provocative with his message to men at that time, it was really much more so for women by shifting the ownership to them. Obeying is in a sense passive compliance and does not require the level of work submission does. It is a predetermined response that does not force you to wrestle with your stuff or come to a point of willful submission. By obeying, you can remain in an unexamined place and never fully know or become who God meant you to be.”


Perhaps it’s true. Perhaps we prefer a list to follow; it demands less of us.

Figuring out what Jesus said in His Word – hanging out with Him – waiting to hear -letting Him show us how it looks specifically for our situation- then doing what He says – hard work.

Do we? Do you prefer “a predetermined response that does not force us to wrestle with our stuff?”